Optimum solution from Bitzer

BITZER’s Octagon compressors for subcritical CO2 applications offer an optimum solution for cooling with natural refrigerants.

These reciprocating compressors deliver impressive cooling performance and higher permitted pressure levels have allowed their application limits to be extended, simplifying plant operation and allowing for additional system optimisation and efficiency improvements.

This compressor series is operated with CO2 refrigerant, which has very low global warming potential (GWP). A 30 bar standstill pressure on the suction side and a 53 bar operating pressure on the discharge side are now possible.

These extended application limits allow operation up to a condensation temperature of +15°C. An extremely solid drive gear design and valve plate construction have been specifically adapted for CO2 applications and result in increased efficiency and operational safety.

When combined with the BITZER ECOLINE series, BITZER CO2 sub-critical compressors offer a highly efficient hybrid system for medium and low temperature applications in supermarkets.


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