Open your eyes to vision III

Vision III from Ridi is an a w a r d – w i n n i n g , suspended direct/indirect panel luminaire that blends elegant design with 21st Century performance. Designed for office environments to meet the requirements of LG7, Vision III is also a perfect luminaire for learning environments, boardrooms and special task areas where even, shadow-free light is critical.
“We’ve designed the Vision III to incorporate some of the latest thinking in luminaire design and performance,” says Mike Attard, Managing Director of Ridi UK. “We’ve included a micro-prism panel with a relaxing low-brightness output that ensures a comfortable and productive work place. Alongside this, the eyecatching looks will appeal to lighting designers and specifiers across the board. Vision III has also been optimised to bring the best out of full spectrum daylight tubes.”
The Vision III is pendant-mounted and has a super-flat 13mm deep brim that when seen in profile gives the perception of thin, floating rafts. Fitted with an ultra-low glare micro-prism panel the Vision III offers glare control below 1500cd and ensures LG7 compliance. The panel also delivers 89% light transmission with an extremely efficient 72% light output ratio.
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