‘Off the shelf’ format makes Clixcoolers the emergency winter choice

Are your heat exchangers not working efficiently in the winter weather? Breakdowns and a long wait time for delivery? With their ‘off the shelf’ availability, Clixcoolers the new, unique, modular forced air heat exchangers from Forward Industrial Products can be delivered and installed in just 72 hours.

With their patented design encompassing special aluminium multiport tubes and fins currently used in aerospace heat transfer, Clixcoolers are more efficient and cost effective than traditional copper tube aluminium finned coil type heat exchangers. And because they are UK designed and manufactured, they can be supplied quickly in an emergency, so minimising hourly and daily losses incurred during plant shut down.

Individual sections of the system can be replaced rather than complete units, reducing cost, wastage and maintenance down-time for repairs.  Speed of installation in most locations can also be guaranteed thanks to the Clixcooler’s modular system which is delivered in virtually ‘flat pack’ format.  The modular construction means less need for heavy lifting gear during initial assembly as well as on-going servicing and repairs. 

For more information on Clix Cooler contact Forward Industrial on 0121 708 3070. Email: sales@clixcoolers.co.uk; www.forwardindustrial.co.uk

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