OBITUARY: Reginald Brown, Head of Energy & Environment, BSRIA


BSRIA has announced the passing of the Head of its Energy & Environment team, Reginald Brown, who passed away at home on Thursday after a short illness. Reginald joined BSRIA in 1989 and was Head of Energy & Environment from July 1993. He was a popular and highly regarded expert in his field which was acknowledged within BSRIA, its members, the wider industry and the media.

His recent UK and European work included photovoltaic applications, heat pumps, combined heat and power, domestic and commercial hot water, wind turbines, water conservation, variable speed pumps, legionella, natural ventilation, industrial air filtration, domestic boiler efficiency, sustainable development, low carbon solutions and environmental guidance.

His many consultancy activities included diverse projects on chilled ceilings, energy from waste, domestic heating and ventilation, thermal performance of heat exchangers, the design of HVAC test facilities, safety and reliability testing and numerous failure investigations. His most recent project was the development of a methodology for detecting carbon monoxide in ceiling voids.

Reginald provided expert input for both Water Regulations and Building Regulations advisory committees, assisted the HSE on Legionella and authored and contributed to several guidance publications for CIBSE and BESA in the areas of pipework installation, heat pumps and CHP. He was a member of the Microgeneration Working Group on heat pumps and various BSI committees for water in buildings issues.

Enthusiast and expert

Julia Evans, Chief Executive, BSRIA, said: “We were very sad to learn of the passing of Reginald who had been with BSRIA for 27 years and our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

“He was not only an enthusiast and expert, but someone who devoted 27 years of his working life to BSRIA. Reginald will be remembered with warmth and genuine affection by his many colleagues, not only at BSRIA, but in the wider engineering community. He was not only known throughout the EU and internationally, but also gave much-valued advice to the young engineer network and students.

“Reginald loved what he did and it was his passion and hobby as much as it was his work. The industry will be a poorer place from his passing.

“He was an extremely valued and experienced research engineer, scientist and consultant providing technical input on energy and water issues in buildings including the investigation of commissioning problems, material failures, risk assessment and applications of renewable energy.

“Reginald was a highly-respected lecturer for BSRIA who spoke at many flagship BSRIA events and training courses over the years.

“Much of the detailed research and legislative work Reginald was involved in had a positive impact on industry resulting in improvements.”

Reginald authored many BSRIA guides, most recently: Legionnaires’ Disease – Operation and Maintenance Log Book; Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems; Underfloor Heating and Cooling; Heat Pumps; Retrofitting of Heating and Cooling Systems; and Heating Controls in Large Spaces.

A Chartered Engineer, Reginald was an expert assessor for the Energy Technology List (Carbon Trust), Secretary of the ADJ Working Party (for CLG) and a past-Chairman of the Education Committee of the European Heat Pump Association.

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