noCO boiler shut-off system offers enhanced protection against carbon monoxide

noCOThe latest addition to Sprue Safety Products’ expanding range of home safety solutions will offer an added level of protection against potentially lethal carbon monoxide (CO).

Each year, dozens of people die or are injured as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning, but these incidents are avoidable if appliances are regularly checked by registered engineers and working CO alarms located correctly to warn occupants of the gas’ presence before it reaches dangerous levels.

Worryingly, only around 20% of UK homes have CO alarms, leaving the vast majority unprotected.

The noCO system provides the highest level of protection against carbon monoxide for homeowners and tenants. In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, it will shut down the gas boiler.

Compatible with any boiler make or model, the noCO system comprises a mains powered control unit with sealed-for-life battery-powered carbon monoxide alarms, which are all connected wirelessly.

Up to 50 noCO alarms can be connected to the control unit. Even if the source of the detected CO leak is from another appliance, the control unit will still switch off the boiler, so all appliances should be checked and serviced before declaring safe.

noCO is also a void monitoring safety shut-off system (COSSVM), which constantly checks for CO in flue voids when using its void sensor. This Gas Safe approved system fully complies with the Preferred Industry Options detailed in Part I of the Technical Bulletin TB0081 Edition 3.

Designed to fit inside a void containing a flue, the noCO sensor constantly monitors the environment for CO. If carbon monoxide is detected, it will send a signal to the control unit to automatically shut down the entire boiler system and set off an audible in-room alarm to alert occupants.

Each noCO component is available separately to enable the system to be configured to suit the individual need of each property.

In the event of a carbon monoxide leak, the system can only be reset by a Gas Safe registered engineer, once inspection has eliminated any further risk to inhabitants.

Sprue Safety Products’, Product Manager, Wendy Spiers, said: “Fitting boiler shut-off technology is the most progressive step to keep people safe from CO.

“Flue inspections are an essential part of regular safety checks to ensure this highly poisonous, odourless gas is expelled safely, but they can become blocked between inspections. noCO provides constant peace of mind for property owners, tenants and landlords by continually monitoring for the gas’ presence and acting immediately in the event of its detection to ensure the occupants stay safe.”

Easy to install, noCO offers a time-saving alternative for engineers and a cost effective, comprehensive solution for housing providers.

All noCO alarms comply with the relevant clauses of the European Carbon Monoxide Alarm standard EN 50291:2010 and carry a two-year warranty.

For more information on noCO and the full range of carbon monoxide alarms available from Sprue Safety Products, visit: or

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