No glow for Milton Keynes

Dark sky compliant Grosvenor luminaires from Holophane Europe are at the heart of a concerted campaign by Milton Keynes Council to reduce light pollution. The council has deep concerns about light pollution and has begun a programme of total refurbishment of existing amenity lighting to address the problem, working closely with Milton Keynes-based Holophane to reduce energy costs as well as complying with dark sky requirements.

“While some doubters push the issue of light pollution aside, it is refreshing to see Milton Keynes Council dealing with it seriously and tackling it head on,” commented Holophane Marketing Manager David Barnwell. “As a leading lighting company it is our duty to help educate people about the growing problem of light pollution. Working alongside the council has ensured that this green city is now at the forefront of tackling the problem,” he added.

Grosvenor luminaires combine a top hemispherical reflector with a borosilicate glass refractor to eliminate significant upward light while ensuring that light is directed precisely to where it is needed. The refractor redirects light below the horizontal for maximum efficiency and enlarges the lamp image with reduced apparent brightness. This is further enhanced by the use of a top hemispherical reflector, which is finished internally in high reflectance white and externally in black and is available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

This accurate control enables columns to be spaced further apart than would be possible with less precise luminaires, so installation costs are reduced. In addition, as fewer lamps are needed to achieve the required lighting levels, energy and maintenance costs are also reduced.

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