Nicotra Gebhardt Introduces groundbreaking RQM hybrid fan

Leading fan manufacturer Nicotra Gebhardt has launched a new compact fan that delivers unrivalled energy efficiency.

The RQM ‘MultiEvo’ beats every traditional plug fan on energy efficiency* thanks to the optimization of all  key components, including a hollow section ‘aero-foil’ backward curve impeller, a permanent magnet (PM) internal rotor motor rated at IE5 efficiency and integrated electronic controls. The compactly designed RQM can be fitted at multiple access points for ease of maintenance and is ideal for both ‘new build’ and refurbishment / retrofit applications.

The company’s ‘MultiEvo’ technology has delivered a range of directly driven hybrid centrifugal fans with multiple discharge outlets and static system efficiencies of up to 78%. The multi-spiral technology (called MultiEvo) combines the compact design of plug fans with the effectiveness and reliability of traditionally ‘housed’ fans that offer static pressure increase and energy efficiency.

Depending on the fan size, the RQM reaches 8 to 15% higher energy efficiencies than ‘best on market’ traditional plug fans

The RQM range includes all standard fan diameters from 355mm to 710mm, providing performances of up to approx. 6.5m3/s (23,000m3/h) and / or total pressures of up to 1750Pa. The PM motors are, as standard, IE5 rated and available with motor powers up to 6.5kW (free of rare earth materials) together with integrated electronics. Additional impeller sizes and motor outputs of up to 22 kW will be available later in 2017 to complement the range.

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