Next generation heating

MHS Boilers has launched the next generation of its innovative Nexus district heating substation.  Nexus is a heat interface unit which allows metered services to be installed in multi-dwelling developments like apartment blocks, sheltered housing or community heating schemes.

The new comprehensive Nexus range comprises built-into-the-wall or wall hanging units, which can be either direct or indirect types for central heating.  Both the direct and indirect units can be supplied with or without heat or water metering. Additionally, where Nexus is being used in a development where cooling is being provided from a central source, chilled water metering is also available.

In addition to the standard models in its Nexus range, MHS Boilers can also produce bespoke units to meet specific requirements, such as larger capacities or the inclusion of underfloor heating coil manifolds etc.  The meters included in the units as standard are CE marked turbine-type class C, with liquid crystal display and long life battery.  On request these can be upgraded with a data transmission cable for centralised consumption data reading.

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