New ways of working

CADBID ( is an innovative new online service that helps CAD draughters to find clients and clients to find CAD draughters. As such, it is a valuable resource for freelance CAD draughters, CAD bureaus and any organisation that uses CAD resources – with no transaction-based fees.
Exclusive to UK-based draughters and clients, CADBID is all about making life easier. Draughters can use the site to market themselves and bid for particular projects; clients can use the service to manage the peak and troughs of CAD work and invite bids for particular projects.
A key element of CADBID is that clients retain complete privacy unless they choose to contact the draughter. And once the relationship has been formed both parties are free to work together as often as they like without reference to CADBID.
A further differentiator is that CADBID does not charge a fee per project, or claim a percentage of any works. Draughters can register free for entry-level membership – or enhance their profile for a small annual fee. Clients have full access to CADBID’s resources completely free of charge.
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