New waste to energy system

Shentongroup is launching a state-of-the-art dual fuel waste to energy system called Duplo. As well as being a prime power source, Duplo can also provide hot water via an optional heat exchanger and be fitted with a control system that enables excess electricity to be exported to the National Grid.

Duplo runs on standard diesel, biodiesel, natural gas, biogas or a combination of any of these using the very latest dual fuel technology. Having multiple fuel sources not only significantly improves the generator’s resilience for continuous operation but also appreciably reduces running costs compared to single fuel solutions. Duplo reduces engine wear and produces far lower emissions than a normal diesel only system and has an enhanced ability to cope with variations in gas quality and pressure.

An option to provide hot water via the Hexpac heat exchanger at the same time as generating electricity turns Duplo into a combined heat & power (CHP) system. This provides commercial or industrial premises with the option of an integrated approach to delivering both prime power and hot water.

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