New TurboCharger model

Lochinvar has announced the addition of a new model to its TurboCharger range of high efficiency gas-fired condensing water heaters.
TurboCharger 117-380CE offers the highest output available in the range, which now comprises six models, with recovery rates of 698 up to 2160 litres per hour based upon a temperature rise of 44ºC. Storage capacities run from 230 up to 380 litres.
Lochinvar says TurboCharger includes all the well known, tried and tested features of its established Charger series, but with the added benefit of utilising condensing technology. In addition to working on the proven principles of low storage, fast hot water recovery, TurboCharger extracts otherwise wasted heat via a triple pass flue design resulting in efficiencies of up to 109% net.
As with the existing range, the new model is available with an optional fitted building management system interface, which comprises fault indication and remote enable terminals.
The pre-mix power burner precisely matches gas and air helping to achieve high efficiency and low NOx emissions, while the submerged heat exchanger reduces radiant heat loss.
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