New thermal imager

Fluke has introduced a new entry-level thermal imager aimed at facility managers, building inspectors, energy assessors and plumbers to detect energy loss and damage in residential or commercial buildings. Faults in buildings show up in unrivalled detail: resolution is 160 x 120 pixels (triple the figure of other entry-level imagers), and thermal sensitivity is an excellent 0.1°C (NETD) at 30°C.  

The rugged, point-and-shoot Fluke TiRx Inspector has a widescreen format colour LCD display to show every detail. The imager helps perform rapid building envelope and roofing inspections for restoration and repair. It instantly shows problems like heat loss from HVAC systems, water leakage from pipes and radiators, air leakage from windows, moisture intrusion in insulation and location of underfloor heating.

The Fluke TiRx Inspector has a -20?C to +100?C temperature range, optimised for building diagnostics. The viewing angle is a wide 23º x 17º, and the thermal imager lens has adjustable focus with a minimum focus distance of 15cm.

Users just point the imager and pull the trigger to capture the full picture, showing even small temperature differences.

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