New thermal imager

A hand-held infrared thermal imager that can instantly reveal any number of problem areas in buildings has been launched by Testo.
Priced from £3,549 (plus VAT), the hand-held Testo 880 range is aimed at building managers and inspectors who need to maintain a constant eye on essential services, facilities and equipment.
The Testo 880 translates the heat given off by any object, known as infrared radiation, into high definition thermal images on the unit’s viewing screen.  The top-of-the-range Testo 880-3 has a built-in digital camera that can show both a normal digital image and its thermal equivalent which can then be recorded and stored. Typical uses for the Testo 880 include building inspections, identifying inefficiencies caused by insulation faults, troubleshooting underfloor heating systems and identifying mould risk areas in walls and ceilings.
The unit has a trigger key for fast freezing and recording of infrared and digital images, a five-way joystick for fast menu navigation and a large crystal clear screen.
Up to 1,000 images can be stored or offloaded to a computer via a USB connection.

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