New standards in design

In one of its most significant product launches in recent years, Eaton is introducing Memshield 3, a new generation of final distribution boards and associated circuit protection devices for commercial, industrial and public buildings. Memshield 3 forms a vital element in Eaton’s PowerChain Management solutions which offer an integrated approach to the efficient distribution and control of electrical energy in buildings, from the main supply intake to the point of use.

Memshield 3 breaks new ground in the range of functions it can perform. It retains all the features that have made Memshield 2 the preferred choice of electrical contractors for more than 15 years but introduces innovative features that will enable specifiers and installers to offer an even wider range of power distribution solutions in modern buildings. In particular 125A Type B boards are now offered with a 250A option in the larger sizes while 250A boards can be used instead of MCCB panelboards for some applications.

Memshield 3 distribution boards are offered in Type A (single-phase) and Type B (three-phase) versions with up to 24 outgoing TPN ways.

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