New Stainless Steel Calorifiers from Hamworthy Extend Choice for Customers

Halstock-calorifier-group-DSC7459Hamworthy Heating has recently added a new range of calorifiers to their product offer. The Hamworthy Halstock stainless steel calorifiers for hot water generation are available in five models with continuous outputs of 390-1055 l/h suitable for unvented and open vented applications.

Kevin Potter, Business Development Manager for Hot Water at Hamworthy Heating said, “Calorifiers have been very popular with our customers as an alternative method to direct fired water heaters of producing domestic hot water (DHW). The new range complements our existing Powerstock glass lined calorifiers to give customers a choice in their specification.”

The calorifiers are manufactured in corrosion resistant steel and don’t require additional corrosion protection anodes – making them easier to maintain. Calorifiers used for DHW generation do not require flues or have a gas supply directly connected to them, they are indirectly heated by an auxiliary boiler or other heating source.

Kevin went on to say, “The new range has been introduced in response to feedback from our customers. The Halstock calorifier can be used in locations across the country where glass lined cylinders are not the preferred option, for example in areas where the water has naturally low conductivity reducing the effectiveness of corrosion protection anodes. Plus, with options for both open vented and unvented applications this product is suitable for existing and new building projects.”

The Hamworthy Halstock calorifier has minimal heat losses thanks to fire retardant polyurethane insulation. The product can be coupled to a Hamworthy boiler or used for direct heating via an optional immersion heater. The cylinder is backed up by a 5 year warranty.

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