New Sky Vector heater

The new Sky Vector in-ceiling warm air heater from Sabiana comes with a fresh air option to meet the new ventilation requirements for schools.

The compact, contemporary-looking unit fits within a standard 600 by 600mm suspended ceiling tile space, and is particularly suited for use in classrooms, offices and public buildings.

Available from leading distributor Pipe Center in four sizes, from 3 to 12.5kW, the unit comes supplied with its own inlet-outlet diffuser for highly effective heating and fresh air ventilation.

Up to 20% of the airflow of a Sky Vector can be made up of fresh air, with the additional air being drawn directly from the area to be heated.

Mounted at high level, the units provide a safe and tamper-proof alternative to traditional, wall-mounted convectors.

To ensure unobtrusive operation, the units are equipped with the latest radial fan technology, which generate less noise than standard centrifugal type units, again making it highly suitable for use in schools.

They also use a synthetic air filter, which can be removed for cleaning.

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