New service from Trox

Trox has recently launched a new initiative of refurbishing VAV equipment and systems within its service division.
This is a comprehensive package which includes initial survey, VAV unit validation, report and recommendations, followed on if required by on site rectification, modernisation and installation. With this single point responsibility all work can be undertaken to suit the specific requirements of the client bearing in mind that very often the offices are still occupied.
The need to change or upgrade VAV boxes can be seen from the staggering savings in energy and carbon emissions.
It is estimated that there are over 1 million VAV boxes still operating mainly in the comfort air conditioning applications within the office sector. Some of the original VAV boxes had what was known as a mechanical damper which incorporated springs and weights so that a range of pre-set air volumes could be controlled irrespective of downstream duct pressure changes. These dampers required quite a high static pressure while today’s VAV boxes and VAV valves require much lower pressures to operate them, which would show a significant energy saving over the original units.
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