New S4 from Spirotech

Spirotech, the system and capital plant protection specialist has launched the next generation of vacuum degassers: the S4 SpiroVent Superior.

Designed to dramatically increase system efficiency by removing problematic air – which can cause complaints ranging from the need for manual venting to deteriorated pump performance and imbalances within the system – the S4 offers unrivalled performance for heating, cooling and process systems.

The ideal solution for large apartment blocks or office buildings, the S4 SpiroVent Superior uses a continuously operating pump. Upon start up the deaeration solenoid valve alternates between the de-aeration and flushing phases until the Smart Switch, located within the control panel, senses complete de-aeration then switches the unit off automatically. The degassed and absorptive fluid in the system then ensures the complete elimination of gas bubbles.

The S4 is available in two models, the S4A which simply offers de-aeration and the S4R which provides both de-aeration and an automatic system refill function.

With a compact design and powerful performance the S4 provides fully automatic degassing, making it a simple solution for large developments.

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