New range of valves

Offering one of the biggest choices of valves and actuators available, ESSCO Controls (ESBE UK agent) has introduced a new range of  rotary valves and actuators, which the company says marks the next generation in development terms.
Managing Director Mike Cole says: “It’s the rotary valve which thinks it’s linear. Simpler, more compact installation with improved performance, plus enhanced regulating precision, make the NGR portfolio a revolutionary stage in the evolution of rotary valves and actuators.
“With this innovative range, we’re now as close as possible to being fully leak proof – just 0.05% per Kv. Designed to meet the needs of installers, contractors, consultants and specifiers, now there’s an even wider choice of valves and actuators from which to choose.
“Now available in DZR brass (up to 50mm) – this complete control unit means the installer’s job is much easier and quicker, saving energy, providing added safety and comfort, and opening up new application areas in cooling, heating, water and solar. For example, heat sources, exchange, pumps, floor heating and radiators.”

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