New range of heat pumps

Glow-worm is strengthening its position within the renewable technology market with the launch of the Clearly Heat Pump range of Air to Water Heat Pumps.

As one of the smallest and lightest Air to Water Heat Pumps on the market, Clearly Heat Pumps are the right choice for both new build and retrofit installations alike.

Clearly Heat Pump consists of a single external unit requiring just an electricity supply and heating flow/return connections. There is no need for expensive ground loops or drilling of bore holes. Heat pumps are based on well-proven refrigeration technology adapted to provide very efficient space heating. The system absorbs ‘free’ heat energy from the outside ambient air, boosting this heat using the refrigeration cycle, before transferring this heat energy to the heating system water via a plate-to-plate heat exchanger.

The Heat Pump unit includes an in-built hydraulic module consisting of plate heat exchanger, circulation pump, expansion vessel, filter, pressure gauge, pressure relief valve and air bleed valve, reducing the additional work an installer needs to do to integrate the heat pump into the heating system.

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