New range of door holder magnets

Arguably the single most important fire safety mechanism, electromagnetic door holders guard against the lethal spread of toxic smoke and fumes – by far the greatest cause of death in fires.
The new Vimpex range of door holders offers the installer the broadest choice of mounting styles, holding power and installation accessories. From simple 24V dc surface mounted units to powerful 1000N universal door magnets, Vimpex stock a comprehensive range of fire door holder magnets. Waterproof versions are available for use outdoors and in harsh environments.
Mounted onto the floor, wall or ceiling, these robust, fullyapproved door holders ensure retention of the fire door by means of a smart metallic keeper plate. Interfaced with the fire alarm system, the door holders are de-energised as soon as the fire is detected thus releasing the door without the potentially harmful delay suffered by other types of devices.
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