New range from Sanyo

Sanyo Airconditioners Europe (SAE) has launched its ECO G Gas Heat Pumps M Series – a new low carbon gas driven VRF air conditioning system. An alternative solution to traditional electric VRF, the new M Series offers improved performance and reduced carbon emissions while providing a great solution to power supply issues.
Sanyo’s new M Series of gas driven VRF systems offer increased efficiency and performance across the range. Now more powerful than ever before, the range can connect up to 48 indoor units. Improvements include increased part load performance, reduced gas consumption with a Miller cycle engine and reduced electrical consumption. With the new gas driven VRF systems now using R410A, enhanced heat exchangers and an engine management system, all contribute to 19% increased efficiency.
Graham Wright, Product Manager at Sanyo Airconditioners, explains: “Sanyo has been developing GHP VRF systems for almost 30 years, showing our commitment to delivering ground breaking technology. The GHP M Series uses R410A refrigerant and clean burning natural gas for high efficiency operation offering an easy way to renew an old air-conditioning system by using existing piping.”

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