New range from Armstrong

Armstrong has launched a new range of twin-head pumps offering even greater energy efficiency and flexibility. The pumps are suitable for higher temperatures and pressures, as standard, than their predecessors. The range encompasses eleven pumps covering a range of duties from to 2.8l/s at 31kPa to 49l/s at 96kPa.

The new twin-head pumps build on the success of the Armstrong Startwin range and share the same flange to flange dimensions, making them a direct replacement when retrofitting and upgrading, as well as being high-performance pumps for new applications. Energy performance has been much improved by the pump’s designers through the use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Energy efficiency is up to 10 points better than previous models and the pumps are suitable for a wider range of duties than ever before.  Models in the range have a 16 bar casing as standard enabling them to be used for higher pressures and higher temperatures, removing the need for costly customisation or the specification of more expensive specialist pumps in these applications.

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