New PowerLens technology

Megaman has announced the launch of its unique PowerLens technology, which provides a higher luminous intensity that fulfils the EuP requirements of directional lamps and that is now being offered as part of its reflector range. Offering excellent lighting effects combined with a light-optimising design, the Megaman CFL reflectors can now offer energy savings of up to 78%, making them the most effective eco-replacements for traditional halogen and incandescent lamps.

With EuP Directives now stating a directional lamp has to deliver at least 80% of light output within the light cone with an angle less than 120 degrees, PowerLens has made a significant improvement in elevating the luminous intensity and narrowing the beam angle, thus providing a more focused light cone for highlighting features and décor. As an example, Megaman’s GU10 11W reflector when powered with PowerLens increases luminous intensity by 13.6% with the beam angle reduced from 119 degrees to 90 degrees.

Ideal for a wide range of applications where an intense light is required, such as shops, restaurants, museums and galleries, PowerLens is available in a wide range of Megaman’s lamps including GU10, E27 and E14 reflectors.

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