New plug and play range

GE has announced the introduction of its new Fixwell range of screwless plug and play MCBs and RCCBs.  Fixwell enables connection to be made quickly and without tools, reducing cabling time significantly and ensuring dependable connection, whatever the application.

Due to the innovative design of this new product range, there are no contact screws to tighten and the danger of loose cables has been eliminated.  Even the connection of MCBs and RCCBs to each other is significantly simplified:  a busbar is plugged in, without screws, to several modules at once.  Distribution board cabling in this way is 50% faster than using a manual screwdriver and 30% faster than using an electrical screwdriver.

Fixwell is compatible with the complete GE ElfaPlus range and has been specifically developed for the panelbuilder & OEM sectors.

All Fixwell MCBs and RCBs incorporate screwless bottom plug-in connection for standard GE pin busbars up to 63A and screwless top cable connection up to 20A.  They also accept rigid cable or multiwire from 1 up to 4mm².

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