New packaged chillers

CIAT Ozonair has launched a new packaged free cooling chiller range – called Aquaciat Free Cooling – which takes efficiency to a new level.  The free cooler section is totally self-contained with its own control centre and is delivered with the chiller as a complete package.  Easy to install – two simple connections are all that are required on site – the unit ensures instant communication between the chiller controller and the dry cooler.  This enables the operation of the units to be optimised for maximum economy.

Because the Free Cooling equipment is completely independent of the chiller, isolating valves allow maintenance to be carried out without having to stop the chiller.  In addition, the package concept provides savings in space – units in the Free Cooling range have a footprint 25 to 40% smaller than equivalent units.

The nine models in the range – Aquaciat 702 to 1800 – provide a choice of capacities and acoustic levels to suit most air conditioned offices and retail premises.

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