New on demand chilled beam launched by Fläkt Woods

Fläkt Woods has launched a remarkable new concept in chilled beam design, the new WEGA system saves energy normally wasted in ventilating unoccupied spaces or in over cooling the rooms, by using Demand Controlled Ventilation.

WEGA uses a motorised energy control function allowing users to reduce the energy consumption. Variable air volume optimises the ventilation to suit the average occupancy rate which varies between 35 and 55% during normal office hours.

Assuming that the ventilation system has been designed according to peak load, there are potential savings from demand controlled ventilation, compared to the constant air volume system. This directly impacts the fans energy consumption with up to a 60% saving.

With WEGA the indoor comfort for the occupants is always guaranteed and the ventilation is always adapted to the real cooling capacity needs, while energy consumption is significantly reduced.

The new series is available in two capacity types, for standard cooling requirements the ultra flexible WEGA Standard can be specified and where cooling demand overrides ultimate flexibility requirements, WEGA Power should be specified, with an outstanding 25% extra cooling capacity over standard beams.

Ideally suited for installation in ceiling systems, the dimensions makes it possible to put the beam in the ceiling T-24 Profile. Other ceiling systems can be catered for. WEGA can be supplied in two standard build heights, 250mm and 152mm, making it ideal for refurbishment projects. Functions are available for WEGA, to provide a multifunctional chilled beam, these include: heating coil, electric heating, energy control, flow pattern control and control and regulation equipment.

The new systems are ideally suited to areas where there are frequent changes in occupancy, such as conference rooms, board rooms, cafeterias etc and can be used to save energy and ensure correct air quality in open plan offices. Aesthetically created, with its unique smart functions and energy saving modes it is certain to become a market leading unit.

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