New MagCAT low cost, non chemical hard water scale preventer for building projects has received WRAS approvals

Fluid Dynamics International is the UK’s oldest manufacturer of non-chemical scale preventers to prevent hard water scaling in hot water systems without using chemicals or softeners.

The company’s new dual action MagCAT combining Catalytic and Magnetic technologies has now received WRAS approval.

Using no electricity or consumables the MagCAT is state of the art water treatment technology. Users include Gazprom, Petrobras, Ardmore Construction, and a number of other prestigious organisations and projects.

Simple to install and requiring no electrical connections the MagCAT carries a 10 year performance warranty.

The company has also received NSF approval for its Scaletron Catalytic scale prevention products in the USA making it the only water conditioner company in the world to have both WRAS and NSF approvals.

Fluid Dynamics manufactures its water conditioners in Maidenhead, Berkshire and exports worldwide. Users include, University of Texas, Cambridge University, U.S Government, Waitrose, Marks and Spencer’s and Burberry.

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