New launch from RDM

RDM has launched a new product that dramatically expands the capability and application range of its plant and building control technology.

The new PRO 600 expansion modules provide a massive expansion for its highly successful Mercury Plant Controller giving an extended number of inputs and outputs that open up exciting new possibilities for its use.

 “We believe the arrival of this new capability for the PRO 600 will challenge existing solution providers and be a wake up call in terms of cost and flexibility,” says Steve Nicoll, sales and marketing director of RDM.

 “It is very low cost but highly effective. Against any measure it delivers the goods. It is going to be a serious contender in a market where performance and value for money are increasingly under scrutiny.”

The system can be used to control and monitor any kind of plant including refrigeration, HVAC, lighting, security, process etc from the level of single items of equipment up to complex, estate-wide distributed systems.

Its arrival enables RDM to compete with established fully-fledged building control systems but without the requirement for them to be installed and commissioned by system houses specialising in proprietary technology.

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