New infrared gas detector

The Xgard IR LPG from Crowcon is a new, low cost infrared (IR) fixed gas detector designed to detect LPG gas hazards before concentrations reach flammable levels. Typical environments requiring LPG monitoring include buildings such as hotels, hospitals or offices that use LPG as their main gas supply.
Conventional LPG detectors based on catalytic pellistors are susceptible to poisoning in some industrial atmospheres. This can make their readings unreliable and even destroy the sensor altogether. The new Xgard IR LPG is totally immune to poisoning and will reliably warn of LPG gas hazards in environments that are unsuitable for other types of sensor. The detection range is 0-100% LEL. Infrared sensing has other benefits too. Unlike catalytic pellistors, IR sensors will fail to safety, detect flammable gas in inert backgrounds and are not damaged by high gas concentrations.
The new IR LPG sensor can be specified with two types of enclosure; polyester-coated aluminium or 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance in extreme environments.

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