New heat recovery unit

CIAT Ozonair’s first heat recovery unit – the Ecociat – has the potential to reduce domestic hot water bills by up to 70%.  The unit captures and recycles heat contained in air brought in and drawn out by natural ventilation systems.  Instead of being vented outdoors, this energy is used by Ecociat to heat domestic hot water.
The unit is designed for use with conventional boilers and other systems run on fossil fuels and is simple to install without changes to existing circuits.  Compact and silent, it offers all year round energy efficiency with a COP of 3.5.
Installed on the roof or in the plant room of hotels, offices, healthcare establishments and retirement homes, Ecociat can be adapted simply and quickly to any existing building or integrated into buildings under construction.  Connected to the natural ventilation system, it handles between 3,000 and 5,500m³ of air per hour.

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