New heat pump series

Traditional heating systems for apartment buildings generally use fossil fuels, which release large amounts of CO2 during combustion, are expensive to run and do not offer a cooling option. Daikin Europe has now addressed these concerns by introducing a new Daikin Altherma air to water heat pump series, providing efficiency and comfort on a scale suitable for large residential buildings.

The Daikin Altherma series for apartment buildings and community heating is able to efficiently heat (with leaving water temperatures up to 80°C), supply domestic hot water and optionally cool. Its remarkable efficiency (COP’s up to 3.5) is due to its ability to recover the heat stored in the outdoor air. Domestic hot water temperatures up to 70°C are possible, and the unit can also provide cooling as an option, with leaving water temperatures down to 5°C.

The use of this system results in a 27% reduction in primary energy use, 59% less CO2 emissions and 33% less operating costs compared to an equivalent gas boiler system.

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