New heat pump range

Clivet UK Limited has introduced a new, high efficiency water loop heat pump range of products extending the already comprehensive Versatemp catalogue. The EVH Room ceiling mounted units are designed for ducted applications, offering high COPs and EERs, the EVH Room range consists of terminal units with heating/cooling duties from 1.7 -7.1kw. Each unit incorporates a high quality rotary compressor, thermostatic expansion valves and brazed plate heat exchanger, resulting in high levels of efficiency.

The Versatemp water loop heat pump system is one of the most efficient amongst decentralised systems and has very low environmental impact. It is reliable, flexible and more able to be adapted as building requirements change over time. The terminal units are designed with minimal quantities of refrigerant and are hermetically sealed to reduce any risk of leakage.
All EVH Room units come as standard with the Clivet Talk Electronics and HID controller. In addition to a range of options, including differential pressure switch and solenoid valve control of the water flow for variable flow water loop systems.

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