New Gripple suspension solution

To complement the clean and aesthetic lines of lighting luminaries Gripple has come up with an equally sophisticated and attractive suspension solution – the Squeezelock.

Launched by the inventor of the revolutionary suspension systems with numerous functional benefits, the new Squeezelock is a sleek, streamlined ‘barrel’ with a bright plated finish which is designed to suspend all lighting and signage accurately, with a 5:1 safety factor and a 15kg load rating.

The Squeezelock’s finger friendly adjustment feature on its side allows easy, one handed squeeze movement up or down wire rope, with no tool required.

Squeezelocks come as part of ready to use kits also comprising 1.50mm shiny galvanized wire rope in lengths up to 10m and a ceiling fixing chosen from nine options, including loop, snap hook and eyelet. Standard kits can be screwed onto T-Bar twist clips or directly into soffits.

The unit’s wire exit points enable central, single side, and even dual fixing for balance when the Gripple Y-Fit is used.  A hook can also be screwed into the Squeezelock’s base for secure signage usage.

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