New from Toshiba

The rising need for CO2 emission reduction has become a challenge to be tackled with the highest priority. Among various air-conditioning systems, multi-split direct expansion type air-conditioning (or variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems have received attention as a potential energy-saving solution.

Toshiba currently provides the Super Module Multi Series (SMMS) as part of its VRF system lineup. In addition to the SMMS, the company will release the SMMSi that can deliver even higher energy-saving performance and permit longer piping, with a view to substituting existing counterparts such as chiller systems.

The SMMSi is an advanced series of the existing SMMS. The high-end model of the SMMSi has a unit capacity of 16 HP, while that of SMMS has 12 HP. The full inverter technology, which has gained favour with the SMMS, has been further improved and incorporated in the additional 14HP and 16HP high-power models of the SMMSi.

These models have three internal compressors that can be individually driven by their own inverter control to help reduce energy consumption. The SMMSi also focuses on the improvement of equipment efficiency during stable operation that may substantially affect the energy consumption.

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