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Thermostatic radiator valve failures are frequently caused by particles from the pipework system preventing the full shut-off function or damage the valve disc seal.  Normally, the only way to rectify such problems would be to close the system down, drain off, replace necessary components, refill and restart.  There is also the matter of bleeding air out of the system once it is up and running.  This process can be very time consuming and costly.

However, there is a simple solution when using Oventrop TRVs.   Using the Oventrop Demo-Bloc tool, it is possible to simply remove valve inserts for repair, cleaning or exchange without draining the system.   There are also times when it is an invaluable tool to upgrade valves with adjustable kv  inserts or even to rectify an installation problem.

An Oventrop engineer recently instructed Autron on the use of the Demo-Bloc for an installation with a water hammer problem. Following an insert replacement, water hammer in that radiator ceased.  Subsequently, a further 24 valve inserts were replaced, all without draining the system.

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