New from Glow-worm

Glow-worm is introducing a revolutionary new domestic heating system, which uses hybrid renewable technology to provide homeowners with a heating system that will automatically choose the most cost effective method of heating their home.

The unique Glow-worm Clearly Hybrid system is the first innovation in the UK heating market that couple’s renewable and traditional energy sources to offer homeowners a heating system that is environmentally conscious and cost efficient for domestic heating and hot water.

Clearly Hybrid uses its advanced control system to automatically choose when to use low carbon renewable energy from the heat pump or traditional energy from the high efficiency boiler depending upon which source provides the most cost effective option, based on your customers heating requirements, energy tariff and outside temperature.

Clearly Hybrid enables installers, housebuilders and social housing providers to offer heating and hot water systems marrying traditional and renewable technology, optimising system running cost and reducing the carbon footprint of the user. Thanks to the advanced design, homeowners can take a step into renewable technology heating, whilst having the comfort and security of their traditional boiler and familiar controls in their home.

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