New from Draeger

Of particular significance to the commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps and fire protection sectors, the new F Gas Regulations require operators to both monitor and prevent the leakage of Fluorinated (F) Gases. 

Harmful to the environment, emissions of these powerful greenhouse gases can be kept in check with Draeger fixed gas detection systems.  Ensuring compliance with the Regulations, these accurate, reliable systems can help organisations to reduce their carbon footprint whilst minimising inspection costs, as well as the costs associated with leaks and/or system downtime.

Fixed gas detection systems like the Draeger Polytron IR and Draeger REGARD Controllers are permanent and not only do they meet the requirement for a system to be installed, but they will continuously monitor for leakage of F gases.  Unlike mechanical devices such as pressure drop indicators, they are non-intrusive and will not interfere with the use of other equipment.

Able to alert the operator quickly and effectively, both audible and visual alarms can be generated locally and/or transmitted over distance as soon as a leak has been detected.

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