New from Crane Fluid Systems

A core range of Press-Fit valves, featuring integrated Geberit Mapress adaptors, has been launched by Crane Fluid Systems.

Comprising a ball, balancing, strainer and check valve, this new range connects effortlessly, offering building services engineers a variety of time and cost saving benefits, as well as the excellent quality and reliability.

Suitable for use with both copper and Geberit Mapress Stainless and Carbon Steel tubing, this range features the same exacting specification as Crane Fluid Systems’ valves, but with the additional benefits of integrated Geberit Mapress adaptors. By supplying the valve and adaptors assembled and tested as one unit, the number of purchased components and joints required on site can be halved. This not only reduces the overall cost, it also significantly reduces the risk of a leak.

The Press-Fit valve range is particularly suitable for pre-fabrication, thanks to the accuracy that can be achieved as pipes can be pre-cut, safe in the knowledge that the exact dimensions and tolerances are known and can be relied upon.

Valued for its ability to make installation faster and cleaner, Mapress Press-Fit technology is increasingly being recognised for its reliability and added value.

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