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The models in the BITZER OCTAGON VARISPEED series have a flange mounted suction-gas-cooled frequency inverter. This makes the series particularly economic in terms of energy and is also environmentally friendly. Thanks to their suction-gas cooling, these frequency inverters are also maintenance-free and safe to operate even at high ambient temperatures.

The control range in the OCTAGON VARISPEED series is between 25 and 87 Hz, allowing the compressor speed to be fine-tuned to cooling requirements in a wide range of applications. Use of the OCTAGON VARISPEED models in both compound systems and standalone applications therefore offers great potential for energy savings over the course of a year.

Other advantages include optimal capacity adaptation and low starting currents. The ECOLINE variant in the OCTAGON VARISPEED series offers particularly good scope for substantial energy savings. It combines the advantages of the efficient BITZER ECOLINE compressors with the precise regulation of the OCTAGON VARISPEED series in response to demand at any given time.

With the VARISPEED versions of its ECOLINE series and the OCTAGON series, BITZER will in the future also offer reciprocating compressors for transcritical CO2 applications with built-in frequency inverters.

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