New from Alfa Laval

Alfa Laval has introduced the TL35, a new gasketted Plate Heat Exchanger developed for general heating and cooling duties in the oil and gas industries.

The TL35 is capable of handling flow rates of up to 550kg/s, depending on the media, and provides a maximum heat transfer surface of 1700m2. It operates at temperatures of up to 1800C and pressures of 3.0 MPA, depending on the type of frame. All of the models in the range are certified to key pressure vessel codes such as PED, ASME etc.


In common with all Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers, the TL35 consists of a pack of plates assembled between a fixed end plate and a movable pressure plate and compressed using tightening bolts. The plates are stamped with a corrugated pattern which forms channels when the plates are assembled together. Gaskets are used to seal the plate periphery and direct the fluids into alternate channels. 


The pattern formed by the corrugations is designed to promote turbulence in the two fluids.

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