New from AET

AET has launched the Camel Solar Vacuum (CSV), a high efficiency evacuated-tube solar thermal collector to harvest energy from the sun for commercial hot water and space heating applications.

Using state-of-the-art technology, the CSV has been developed to absorb over 92% of the sun’s energy landing on the collector. This makes it one of the most efficient solar collectors on the market with a stagnation temperature of 250°C and one of the most economical ways to generate renewable energy.

The advantage of the CSV over other types of solar collector is that the unit’s evacuated tubes enable the collector to work effectively even during the coldest winter months.

Depending on the model, a collector is comprised of either 10 or 15 high efficiency, double walled evacuated glass tubes, each containing a heat absorbing plate. The vacuum between the tube’s twin walls helps reduce both convection and conduction heat losses from the absorber to improve the collector’s efficiency. This efficiency is further enhanced by a high efficiency selective coating applied to the outer wall of the inner glass tube which helps increase the amount of heat absorbed by the unit.

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