New from Adaptaflex

Adaptaflex has introduced the Type PF non-metallic, flexible conduit system. A key advantage is that this conduit offers an alternative solution to separate interior and exterior conduit systems that have been traditionally used for many applications in the rail industry. The mechanical properties of Type PF make it particularly suitable for both external and internal dynamic use on railway locomotives, rolling stock or locations where low temperatures are frequently encountered.

Type PF has an operational temperature range of -50°C to 110°C and, combined with its flexibility and high impact resistance, offers optimum cable protection in low temperature applications such as those encountered on docksides, cranes and other exposed areas.

The new conduit is based on a flame retarded Polyamide 12 material. It is self-extinguishing and heat stabilised, passing all flammability, smoke and toxicity performance tests UL94, ISO 4589, CEI11170 and NFF16-101 with an I3, F1 rating.

Additionally full conformance mechanical tests have been met within the leading worldwide conduit standard IEC 61386. All tests have been conducted by leading independent third parties.

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