New fire safety law brings new responsibilities

New fire safety legislation due to come into effect in England and Wales in April 2006 will directly impact on employers and virtually all of those responsible for non-domestic premises (owners, occupiers and managers) says BRE.

The onus for complying with the proposed new fire law will lie with the ‘Responsible Person’. The regime will be based on risk assessment with responsibility for fire safety resting with the person in charge of the premises. In a workplace this is the employer and any other person managing any part of the premises; in other premises it is the person or people in control of them.

Training courses on carrying out the necessary fire risk assessments are available from BRE for both Responsible Persons, and for those wishing to become fire risk assessors. BRE worked closely with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) to develop guidance in support of the new legislation and so is well placed to undertake this training. BRE also offers fire risk assessments of premises.

The new fire legislation, which replaces many of the existing acts relating to fire safety, came about as part of the Government’s commitment to reduce death, injury and damage caused by fire.

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