New family of humidity and temperature transmitters

Vaisala introduces a new family of humidity and temperature transmitters for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry.

Combining top quality with affordable price, the versatile Vaisala INTERCAP Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series HMDW80 is the complete set for collecting the basic humidity and temperature information needed for a variety of HVAC applications.

The new transmitters are optimised for reliable operation and easy installation with very little maintenance. The excellent stability of the INTERCAP sensor ensures reliable measurement with minimal maintenance, and if needed, the sensor can be easily exchanged on location with practically no downtime at all.

The Vaisala HMDW80 series includes basic transmitters for walls and ventilation ducts as well as IP65 classified transmitters for wash-down areas and other humid spaces. It will be complemented by an additional outdoor measurement kit later this year.

The series also contains transmitters that measure temperature only as well as transmitters with an optional display, and also provides calculated humidity parameters of dew point, wet bulb and enthalpy in addition to the direct output parameters.

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