New expansion joint

The PosiFlex elastomeric expansion joint from Crane is a means of compensating for movement in pipework that has been well-proven in a wide range of industries – power, water and waste treatment, process, pharmaceutical, marine, HVAC, petrochemical, chemical and food.
It accommodates all types of movement in the pipes to which it is connected – axial (expansion/contraction), lateral, angular, torsional, and vibration – simultaneously and without embrittlement or fatigue. It absorbs large pipe movements with minimal face to face dimensions.

This flexibility (in every sense) means that fewer expansion joints are needed, and their low spring rates reduce the stress on the pipework system – features that together give a high degree of predictability and consistency, enabling piping and stress engineers to anticipate movement and design accordingly.

In addition to compensating for movement, the PosiFlex joint provides an effective means of reducing noise or vibration. Unlike predominantly metal devices such as metal expansion bellows, it also resists corrosion and erosion.

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