New edition consumer units

With the introduction of the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations, Domae and Qwikline II consumer units from Square D, a brand of Schneider Electric, have been specifically designed to accept additional new RCDs, MCBs and RCBOs to help ensure compliance to the 17th Edition of the wiring regulations.
Being both quick and easy to install with all the safety features expected, Domae and Qwikline II offer onsite flexibility at very competitive prices. Each offers significantly different designs suitable for domestic dwellings and commercial and public buildings such as schools and hospitals.
The Domae consumer units are available with insulated or metal enclosures and can be configured in several different ways to help compliance. In addition a new range of 1 module RCBOs are now available.
Qwikline II has arguably the highest levels of residential circuit protection safety in the market. A wide range of switch disconnectors, RCDs and MCBs is also complemented by an RCBO offer for maximum continuity of supply in the event of a fault. What sets Qwikline II apart is the plug-on breaker concept and fully encapsulated busbars.
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