New ductwork standard ends confusion

A new British Standard for cleanliness levels in newly installed ductwork marks the end of a potentially damaging source of confusion within the industry.

For the first time, the new BS EN 15780:2011 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of ventilation systems clearly defines what is considered acceptably clean in newly installed ductwork.

With standardised levels of cleanliness in ductwork systems stated according to the building use, specifiers, installers and facilities managers now have clear guidance, a published set of standards and a new vacuum test that can apply to circular duct as well as rectangular ductwork.

This means that cleanliness guidelines designed to test existing ductwork, such as the Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association (HVCA’s) TR/19 guide to the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems, should no longer be used as a benchmark for measuring the cleanliness of newly installed ductwork.

Darren Ling, a Director of Systems Hygienics, said: “It is crucially important to clean ductwork in new buildings. You would not expect your brand new car to be covered in a thick layer of dust when handed over to you. However, many new ductwork systems are handed over in this state due to the current confusion and ambiguity about acceptable cleanliness levels.

“The new British Standard has been produced by taking the great and the good from across Europe and provides clear levels of cleanliness for new ductwork, removing any confusion over just how clean newly installed ductwork should be.”

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