New Dimplex SmartRad

Dimplex is expanding its portfolio of low carbon heating solutions with the launch of SmartRad, a range of wall-mounted fan convector radiators offering a cost effective, responsive and energy efficient alternative to underfloor heating or conventional radiators for heat pump systems.

The SmartRad range is ideal for either installations in existing buildings – as a compact and energy efficient alternative to conventional radiators – and also for new builds, by offering specifiers for the first time a cost effective, practical and more responsive alternative to underfloor heating.

A key benefit of SmartRad is its excellent performance at water temperatures as low as 40ºC, making it ideal for use with heat pumps as part of a complete renewable energy system by allowing CoP to be optimised to reduce running costs and CO2 emissions. For properties with condensing boilers, the lower flow temperatures allow the boiler to operate in its most effective range.

Designed for modern domestic interiors, SmartRad is currently available in a stylish twist to the classic metal radiator design and soon the options of elegant white or black glass finishes will be added to the range.

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