New DALI control module

ALC Lighting Controls, now part of the Cooper Controls Limited, has launched a new DALI pre-addressed, pluggable lighting control module that helps users to comply with energy efficiency legislation and carbon reduction, whilst meeting the latest trend for flexible working environments.

When used as part of a fully networked system, this module is incredibly flexible and can easily be re-programmed to respond to changes in working methods and room layouts.

This new DALI control module features nine outputs and is available in a single fix option, for use with structured cabling, or a two part conventionally wired version. Each of the nine outputs utilises the industry standard Wieland GST plug and the pre-addressed nature of the product alleviates the need for additional on-site DALI addressing, thus saving substantial costs in terms of time and labour.

The unit is fully compatible with EM PRO emergency ballasts, allowing emergency lighting tests to be carried out via the DALI lines.

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